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Antique mantel clock.As with other buying other antiques, you’ll need to consider the following if you plan to make a wise purchase:

1. How much do you want to pay for the clock? Consulting antique price guides will give you some idea what similar clocks have sold for in the past.

2. Does the seller–antique or clock dealer–offer any guarantees of authenticity, customer satisfaction or money back, as well as offers of credit or time payments? Taking in the cost of repairs, a clock guaranteed to run is worth more than one without.

3. Have you considered shipping costs? Packing, shipping, and insurance costs can add up quickly, increasing the total price substantially. Be sure to figure them into your budget.

4. Do you have a lot of time to find the clock you want at the price you want, or do you need to have the clock as soon as possible? If there’s an urgent need or time limit to find a clock, you may decide to pay more for it.

5. How long would it take to find a similar clock at a lower price? Perhaps it wouldn’t make sense to spend another chunk of time trying to find just the right clock for the price you want to pay.

6. How rare is the type of clock you want? Buying a rare clock or one that’s in high demand may mean you’ll have to pay a higher price.

7. What condition do you require your clock to be in when you buy it? A clock in excellent condition will sell for much more than the same clock in average or poor condition. An unrestored or unaltered, all-original, clock with its original case finish can command a high price.

8. Does it still have its original glass and decorative elements? Glass breaks and may have been replaced. Decorative elements break off and may have been replaced or taken off the clock altogether.

9. Is the clock’s movement clean and in good working order? While you’ll pay more for a working clock than a non-working one, the difference will probably not be as high as getting the clock repaired after the sale.

10. What is the clock’s provenance? Can the seller prove it belonged to a famous person or family?
If so, you’ll pay more for the clock

11. Does the clock have any identifying marks, such as a label, signature, or other marking that can connect it to a well-known clockmaker or manufacturer? If so, you may decide it’s worth paying more for that clock than for a similar clock without such documentation. But beware. Reproductions of old clock labels are available on the Internet for a few dollars and signatures can be forged. Also, antique dealers have been known to switch labels and even works from one clock to another. Make sure you get a written guarantee.

12. What resale value will your clock have? While you may not intend to sell your clock, your heirs might want to.

Preserve the future of your horological antiques today.

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Remember to maintain your antique clock.Remember to maintain your antique clock.  It needs to be oiled and cleaned regularly to last.

We offer complete restoration of antique clocks.

Chalet-style cuckoo clock.
We service cuckoo clocks.

We specialize in conversions to battery- operated quartz movements.

To many people, clocks are like members of their family.


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