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While the reasons for, merits, or who invented Daylight Saving Time (DST) will not be discussed here, the following are some suggestions to get you through it with minimal effort.

Correcting your clock for the beginning of DST—springing forward—is more or less straight forward. Simply advance the minute hand in the clockwise direction, stopping at all chiming and striking points until you reach the new time.

It's the end of DST—falling back—where most clock owners run into problems. NEVER set your antique clock backwards (counterclockwise, or as the British call it anti-clockwise). Doing so can damage the parts which fire the striking and chiming trains. Also never attempt to only move the hour hand to accomplish the DST correction. This  will only cause the hour strike and the hour hand to become out of sync. The best way is to simply stop the clock for one hour, then restart the clocks pendulum.

Most of the new clocks have a backwards release mechanism, allowing you to set them backwards without fear of damage. If you're in doubt, use the stop and restart method. Some clocks may be set “fast-forward,” but again, consult with your clockmaker for the specific instructions for your clock.

When it comes time to set your wristwatches, those without calendars may be set forward or backward at any time. For your watches with a day or day-date, it's best to set these watches at 12 Noon on the day before or after so as not to interrupt the parts which advance those parts.

If you have numerous watches, there's no problem to start them a few days ahead,  doing a few at a time until your collection is completely corrected, putting them into two piles, one for watches that have been set, the other for those that need to be set. It's all too easy to forget that a watch has not been set correctly if its seldom worn. This will cause you to miss appointments or a trip to the watchmaker, thinking you need a new battery.

Always remember if in doubt to ask first to avoid damaging your timepiece.

For more information on Daylight Saving Time, click here.

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