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A Breitling watch.Not to toot our horn, but we do get reviews and thank you notes. Below are some actual thank you we have received from satisfied customers. We hope these endorsements will assist you in your decision to use our services.

October 9, 1964

Dear Mr. Henry Bowers,
I take great pleasure in announcing that you as owner of Bowers Watch and Clock Repair shop have been chosen to be honored as "Best Employer for the Handicapped" by the Metropolitan Atlanta Committee of Employment of the Handicapped.

I have personally read your record and want you to know what a pleasure it is for me to announce the selection. The award will be made during the November meeting, and you will receive notice of the time and place.

Mr. Ben Hyman of the Ben Hyman Jewelry Company, our mutual friend, was present when the announcement was made of the award, and he spoke of his acquaintance with you and the wonderful work you are doing. He was so happy you were selected.

With deepest appreciation of your fine work, and the best personal regards, I am,

Irving Goldstein, DDS
Chairman, Metropolitan Atlanta Committee of Employment of the Handicapped


The following review is one of the most heartwarming we at Bowers Watch and Clock Repair have ever received.

When I first entered the shop it seemed a little cramped and had only two chairs for customers (one of which had a clock comfortably nestled in it). Every square inch of the place is covered in clocks. If you manage to get past the vaguely unsettling amount of ticking, you'll quickly brush off that sanatorium feeling and recognize that it's actually kind of cool.

There was one woman who walked in just ahead of me, intending to drop off her watch for cleaning. The friendly gentleman behind the counter informed her that if she had ten minutes he could do it for her right then and there. She was very pleasantly surprised, noting that it usually took a week. After he dropped her watch off in the back, the gentleman turned to me.

I placed my boyfriend's Adventures of Tin Tin watch on the counter and briefly explained that Tin Tin had stopped ticking. Since he continued wearing the broken watch for weeks, and replacing Tin Tin was inconceivable, I decided to fix it for the boyfriend's birthday. The gentleman asked a few brief questions then popped the back off, noted that everything looked okay, and went to get a replacement battery.

As he changed the battery he pointed out slight bits of rust on the inside of the watch. He said it was a common problem caused by mild exposure to water such as washing your hands or sweating while wearing the watch, but I should be careful. I was impressed with the attentive service and dutifully made a mental note to make sure the boyfriend took it off at the gym.

Ten seconds and ten dollars later the watch was good as new. I thanked the gentleman for his help, and he smiled and said to come back and see him, noting they had watch bands if it ever needed replacing. I'm definitely coming back if I ever need my watch fixed or if Tin Tin has any more misadventures. What a wonderful place.

Alex M
Atlanta, GA


Here are some other comments our customers have made:

Dear Friends, 
I just wanted to thank you for your always willing assistance--at no charge--to fix the broken/missing pin in my Timex watch band. Yesterday was the second time I had such a problem, and you again generously fixed it gratis as well.

For sure I shall remember you when I have a repair need that you will let me pay you for. And in the mean time I shall continue to send referrals your way as I can.

Thanks again for your kindness. It is a good business gesture and one remembered.

Best wishes,
Frank W., Yesteryear Book Shop

Dear Michael,
Thank your so much for doing such a beautiful job restoring my daddy’s watch. I cannot tell you how much pleasure you have brought me by allowing me to wear this and feel this connection to him. My favorite part is winding it every morning just as he always did. Today would have been his 95th birthday.

You are the BEST! I am so glad Susie at Atlanta Intown did that feature on your business just at the right time for me!

Thank you again.
Sylvia A.

Dear Bowers Family,
I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the time and effort you spent on the repair of my Thirty Day Clock. It was quite an education for me to see the inner workings of the clock. I am still amazed at how cleaver it works to maintain time, what a lost art it must be!

Thanks again for taking the time to share the history with me.

Best wishes,
Marian E.

Mr. Bowers,

I just wanted to drop a note of thanks as I was winding my Grandfather clock today.

Your company installed a new movement in the clock while we were still in Atlanta, then it was stored for 4 months before we moved to Hilton Head, SC. We prepared it as instructed, and followed the directions at our destination and today the clock is running and chiming beautifully.

I remember Mr Bowers telling me "Don't be afraid of the clock!". It is such a pleasure to have this clock in good working order and also a marvel to meet someone who is such an experienced clock repairman. Thank you for your service.

Sue Van Gee and Mike Schirk
Hilton Head, SC

Holy cow - go here! I dropped by to ask about a watch that just fell into two pieces off my wrist when I was in the area. The man took my watch, replaced a screw (free of charge) and sent me on my way in less than 3 minutes. During that short stay, I heard another gentleman teaching a customer about the life expectancy of clocks made before and after the civil war, and what the customer could do to extend the life of the antique he'd brought in. Clearly very knowledgeable in his craft. I'm not a clock person, but I think collectors would be happy here. I won't go anywhere else for watch repairs.

Jacqueline W.
Atlanta, GA

Dear Sir:
Thanks for the great advice on watch repair and great service. You have a very cool shop and I appreciate how knowledgeable and honest you were about the state of my watch and that you did not try to sell me a fix you didn’t think would be worth the trouble. You prices are very fair, and I will be a returning customer.

Taylor S.
Novato, CA

The owner of this shop was so sweet and really knows his craft! I got my Swiss battery for my TAG watch here while visiting from out of town. COST was a Total if $10 and he did it in less than 3 min! Several other watch & jewelers couldn't even do it and the place that I contacted prior to finding this wonderful gentleman had quoted me two weeks because they had to send it out and it would be $90. Crazy!! There were some lovely clocks in here too! I highly recommend this honest small business owner.

Yvette P.
Aliso Viejo, CA

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