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Grandfather Clock.Many people see the Grandfather Clock as a symbol of elegance. In its early days, only the wealthy could afford such a timepiece. Clock makers today offer a wide assortment of styles and finishes that you can use to enhance any room. You also have a wide choice of clock face styles, moon phase dials, numerals, pendulums, and chimes, as well as night silencers.

Before you invest in this largest of clocks, consider the following:

1. Determine where you’ll display your clock within your home.

2. Determine what style you think you may want to purchase.

3. Consider the size of the clock–don’t get one that’s too large or too small for the room it will be in.

4. Match your room decor to the style and finish of the clock so that it will blend in and enhance the room’s other furnishings.

5. Consider what type of clock movement you want–electric, quartz, or mechanical.

6. After selecting the movement, you should select the type of face for your clock. This may include a moon phase dial, different numeral styles, as well as which chimes it will play– Westminister, Whittington, or St. Michael.

7. Decide if you’d like a night silencer and chime volume.

8. Which style of pendulum would you like, and which movement manufacturer?

9. Inquire as to the warranty, delivery and setup procedure for the clock selected. White glove delivery service and setup are available. Ask about these services and who’s responsible for their cost. Many dealers provide free shipping and setup.

9. Ask about the proper operation and care of the clock you select. Make sure you understand its instructions and make sure the dealer is able to answer any questions you may have.

10. Always select a reputable clock company as well as a genuine dealer from whom to make your purchase. If any problems with your clock should arise, you want a dealer that can be your advocate.

11. Avoid any deal that seems too good to be true. With Grandfather Clocks, you usually get what you pay for. A well-made clock will become a family heirloom.

After your purchase, make sure:

  • your clock is properly set up.
  • that you follow the manufacturer’s directions.
  • that the clock is level, so the movement can operate accurately. 
  • to read, understand and follow all instructions for proper maintenance and operation.

Preserve the future of your horological antiques today.

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Remember to maintain your clock.
It needs to be oiled and cleaned regularly to last.

We offer
 house call service for your
 Grandfather Clock.

We offer complete restoration for your  heirloom timepieces

To many people, clocks are like members of their family.


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