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We are located on the north end of Cheshire Bridge Road, one block south of the I-85 overpass,  between the cross streets of Sheridan Road and
Chantilly Road.

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If you wish, you may mail your clock or watch to us for a free estimate. Please include your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, an estimated value of the item, and a description of the problem. Be sure to adequately insure the package.

We’ll contact you with an estimate and won't start the work until authorize us to do so. If you decide not to have us do the work, we’ll still have to charge you for shipping, before we send it back.

We’ll notify you as soon as we finish your repair, telling you the cost of the job and shipping. Once we receive your payment by check, money order, or credit card, we’ll ship your clock or watch to you.

To ensure the safe delivery of your clock, please do the following:

1. Find two strong, sturdy boxes. The smaller one should have enough room for your clock, plus three to four inches of space on each side for packing materials. This one should fit into the larger one.

2. Remove the pendulum and keys and any loose items. Wrap them separately and place them in an envelope. No loose parts should be inside the clock.

3. If your clock has weights, don’t send them, Instead, make a note of about how much they weigh, and we’ll test the clock with weights we have in the shop. If you send them, wrap them up individually. Make sure to pack them in the bottom of the box so they don’t roll or bump into each other.

4. Wrap your clock in bubble wrap and put plenty of packing material around it.

5. Tape up this smaller box and place it inside a larger one, including packing materials so it doesn’t shift in transit. Then tape up the larger box closed using clear packing tape.

To ensure the safe delivery of your watch, please do the following:

1. Wrap your watch in a piece of bubble wrap.

2. Place it into an envelope or Zip-Loc plastic bag.

3. Wrap this in another piece of bubble wrap.

4. Place this into a small box making sure it’s packed so it doesn’t shift. The small Priority Mail boxes provided by the U.S. Postal Service are just right. For extra security, pack this box into a larger one and tape shut with clear packing tape.

Mail either your clock or watch insured to:

2441 Cheshire Bridge Road, Suite 120
Atlanta, GA 30324

Print a shipping label

Contact us by either phone at 404-327-7850 or by E-mail before you send us your timepiece .

We service most watches and clocks in our shop.

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Remember to have your clock or watch serviced every 5 years. It needs to be oiled and cleaned regularly to last.

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Pack your timepiece well to insure 
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