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Waterbury, Series E, pocket watch, produced from 1885 to 1890s.Circumstances do the planning for us all, no doubt, by help of our temperaments. I see no great difference between a man and a watch, except that the man is conscious and the watch isn’t, and the man tries to plan things and the watch doesn’t. The watch doesn’t wind itself and doesn’t regulate itself—these things are done exteriorly. Outside influences, outside circumstances, wind the man and regulate him. Left to himself, he wouldn’t get regulated at all, and the sort of time he would keep would not be valuable. Some rare men are wonderful watches, with gold case, compensation balance, and all those things, and some men are only simple sweet and humble Waterburys. I am a Waterbury. A Waterbury of that kind, some say. 

–Mark Twain, from The Turning Point of My Life

The Waterbury Watch Company of Waterbury, Connecticut was established in 1880 to produce a cheap pocket watch which originally sold for $3.50. The watch the company designed was the simplest of watches, one of which contained only 58 parts. It had a nickel-plated case with no cover and only an hour hand. Because the watches were so inexpensive, clothing manufacturers and other entrepreneurs gave them away as premiums with their often inferior products, so the public came to associate the watch with shoddy workmanship.

A good many boys make fun of the WATERBURY because it takes so long to wind. Pshaw! How many times a day do you wind your top? How long does it take you to haul in your kite and wind up the string? How much trouble do you take polishing up your bicycle, or putting on your skates? If you devoted a tenth of the time and energy to winding your watch that you do to pulling the cat’s tail or teasing the dog, it would always be wound. But now, really, boys you can’t expect to get the whole world for three dollars and a half. Let us whisper a little advice. Form the habit of giving the stem of your WATERBURY a few turns every time you take it out to look at the time, and your watch will always be wound without your realizing it.
                                                                                   The Waterbury Gazetteer

The Waterbury Watch Company in Waterbury, Connecticut.
The Waterbury Watch Company of Waterbury, Connecticut

We restore and repair vintage pocket watches.

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