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Fine Gruen watch.There are many things to consider before purchasing a new or antique watch. Will you wear it while doing yard work or just for dressy occasions? What are you looking for–accuracy, beauty, charm, antique value? Do you need a watch with larger numerals? Do you work in an office or outdoors? Do you want a less expensive watch or one you can hand down to your grandchildren?

If you prefer accuracy, an inexpensive battery-operated quartz watch will keep better time than an expensive mechanical watch.

A stainless steel case will hold up much longer than an electroplated one with a stainless steel backplate. And although a titanium watch is durable, you may find it much harder and costly to get it repaired since all titanium parts are only available through your watch’s manufacturer.

Longines ladies' diamond watch.The watch band shouldn’t be special to the case or part of the case. A band that’s special to the case can only be replaced by ordering one through the manufacturer which can cost more. If your watch is more than seven years old, a replacement band may not be available. A band that’s part of the case must be repaired if it’s broken. Often this isn’t possible. The case should have lugs, so that if the original band is broken or worn out, it may be replaced with any band of the correct lug size.

The watch crystal–the glass over the dial–is less expensive to replace if it’s round and flat. Though mineral glass is the most common crystal used, more expensive watches use sapphire crystals which are tougher and scratch resistant but cost twice as much. Crystals that come to the very edge of the watch case break easier and when the battery needs to be changed, present a challenge to the repair person.

The crown–the part used to adjust the hands–in novelty and vintage watches usually doesn’t have a gasket or any type of seal. Therefore most inexpensive or novelty watches aren’t dust or waterproof. This is also true of most antique pocket watches and antique ladies’ mechanical watches. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy them, but that you need to be aware of this and not wear them in a wet or dirty environment.

If you plan to wear your watch in an extreme environment, it should have a screw-down crown and back.

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